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Worm Game is an intense escape mission from the vaults of worm hell, taking you on an increasingly difficult journey to sneak through the heavily guarded gates.

Features infinite randomly generated levels, online leaderboards, speed run modes and racing against yourself or online with your friends.


  • Over 40 increasingly difficult levels in STORY MODE
  • Race against other players in MULTIPLAYER
  • Get your name on the LEADERBOARDS - show off your skills and challenge your friends
  • Infinite randomly generated levels in FREE PLAY - play an endless number of levels at any difficulty
  • Race against yourself in SOLO RACE - keep improving your times and race against your own ghost
  • Save your REPLAYS - watch and share your plays, and even jump back into the gameplay at any time in the replay to practice
  • Complete Story Mode to unlock SPEED RUN - finish the game in a single play session, as fast as you can!
  • Unlock the BONUS LEVELS - a series of unorthodox levels that put your skills from Story Mode to the test