[GB] Fri Dec 02 2022

Patch 1.0.0 - The first official patch note!

This is the first official patch note. This is a summary of the game's content so far. Join our discord to play-test the game!

  • Tree frog (Fastest and most agile frog)
  • Bullfrog (Strongest, and toughest of the frogs)
  • Devil frog (Fire tongue that destroys items and deals damage to frogs)
  • Icy Hills
  • Volcano
  • Factory
  • Lab
  • Pond
  • Lava Lake
  • Two more levels in W.I.P state:
    • Train (functional, but lacks a lot of polish and visuals)
    • Acid Arena (functional, but lacks visual polish)
  • Basic movement
  • Basic combat
Most powerups stack with each other and can be combined, even multiple times.

  • Power (increases buckler size, or increases bullet damage)
  • Heat sink (greatly reduces the delay between bullets)
  • Returning (seeks the gun that fired the bullet, and can be guided a bit)
  • Frog seeking (seeks any frog ahead of it)
  • Laser beam (an instant kill instant travel beam)
  • Black hole (pulls its surroundings to it and swallows them up)
  • Bouncing (adds one bounce to bullets before they are destroyed)
  • Guided (can be controlled by aiming for a little while)

  • Deathmatch (Frogs spawn immediately when killed)
    • Points (First to x kills wins)
    • Time (After x minutes the one with the most kills wins)
  • Last frog standing (Frog spawn after someone has won the round)
    • Lives (You are out if you have no lives left)
    • Points (First to x kills wins)
    • Time (After x minutes the one with the most kills wins)
  • Change four different colors on the frog
  • Use clothing (Caps, sunglasses, etc...)
  • We currently lack lots of customization. More to come. Join our discord to discuss!
  • Sign up for a public tournament
  • Lock in to the tournament and wait for your match to start