About DeltaQuack

Started up August 2017

Focusing on competitive games with unexplored mechanics

DeltaQuack was started in August 2017 by two young boys named Rune and Martin, after making some cool game prototypes as classmates, during their bachelor degree in programming and simulation. They joined Hamar Game Collective in the beginning of August, and finished a smaller game for Android called “What a Goofhead” that had been a personal project alongside school. Martin took a break for one year, and Rune decided to continue as a single developer.

There were 4-5 game projects on the list, but Rune decided to reboot a game project based on a rough prototype he made one of the previous years in school, called Gun & Buckler. The new prototype started in Godot Engine for a few days until a re-evaluation led to learning Unreal Engine and committing to use it for the game, in October.

Here’s an overview with GIFs and descriptions of some of the process:

Do you live in Norway? Even close enough to work in our office? Do you like a certain uncertainty around money in-flow?

Are you…

  • Passionate about game development?
  • Good at one or more of the following:
    • Realistic 3D graphics (characters, environments)
    • Programming patterns and building robust gameplay
    • Sound FX
    • Multiplayer-, server- and matchmaking management
    • 2D graphics, VFX/particle systems, working with UI, concept art, logo- and cover art
    • Game design and having ideas
  • Interested in games with:
    • Physics
    • Multiplayer
    • Animals
    • High skill ceilings

If you can’t work on location but still are super interested and hyped, don’t be afraid to get in touch.

If you are very interested, drop an e-mail with practical information and relevant portfolio at: contact@deltaquack.com