What a Goofhead logo

What's it all about?

What a Goofhead is a top-down mobile puzzle platformer where you face a set of challenging levels.

Swipe the screen to rotate to a new side.

To catch things, they must fit in your hole and you must rotate on top of them. The level is complete when you catch the shiny star!

Not the only goof around

Levels consist of several smaller puzzles that must be dealt with in the correct order. The red fellows aren’t too friendly, but not very smart.

Help! I'm stuck

Can’t seem to wrap your head around how to proceed?

Here are some hints for beating each level, though you still have to figure out the complete solution.

Character customization

Should you wear a mustache, or a clown nose? Or both? Or are these mere distractions that cloud your decision making? That option is yours to make.